I am a photographer and a former Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Georgia, now residing permanently in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This website is a visual record of places that, for a diversity of reasons, are important to me. It is also an affirmation of the idea that the most beautiful photographs are those that show our world as it is. But I believe that meaningful images must also embody the mind of the photographer, and show what our minds and our hearts can see, but our cameras can't. I hope that you will find some evidence of this in my work. 


This site and its sibling, fourbillionyears.org, are my only internet presence. You will not find me on any social media platform nor on any other online community, although you may stumble upon traces of my former scientific work. Otherwise, in the words of Inspector Morse, “I don’t join things”. As the illustrious inspector, however, I do enjoy interacting with individuals with whom I may have common interests and outlooks. You can find more about me in my blog. But I will tell you here that I often feel that I am living several decades too late, that I should have been born at the turn of the Twentieth Century. I try to capture with my images a world that no longer exists. In this link you may be able to understand how this aspiration relates to my choice of photographic subjects.


Please contact me if you wish to purchase prints, or if you believe that my photographic services may fit into a project that you may be developing.

Copyright notice. I am the author of all of the images on this website, and I hold the copyright on all of them. Please do not use them in any medium, electronic or otherwise, without my explicit written authorization.